Donald Trump's Jury Duty Circus Is Definitely Not a Media Stunt

Published On 08/17/2015 Published On 08/17/2015

Most people wince at the sight of a jury duty summons in their mail -- not so for Donald Trump, who made headlines by reporting for NY jury duty this morning in spite of his presidential bid. Or, if you're a bit more cynical/realistic about the political process, because of his presidential bid.

While it might seem like conveniently inconvenient timing for a visit to the jury selection pool, Trump actually faced a fine for having skipped jury duty five times previously (although according to Trump’s Special Counsel Michael Cohen, this was because the summonses had been delivered to the wrong address). If he hadn't shown up this time, Trump would've had to pay the fine in full -- all $250 of it, which no doubt would've been a massive hit to his political war chest.

Is this a calculated political maneuver? Of course it is. Why pay $250 to make a minor problem go away, when you can turn it into a massive (and free) PR stunt for your presidential campaign? One look at the crowds outside the courthouse says it all:



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