Now Ice Shards Are Falling From the Top of the World Trade Center

Oh, what a season it's been! 

Sure, we haven't had as much snow as Chicago, but we did have a city-crippling blizzardslush puddles of doom, and manholes are exploding all over the place (read: Park Slope). And in a great new twist, SHARDS OF ICE fell from the top of the World Trade Center on Monday.
According to the Daily News, foot-long ice shards started falling from 7 and 4 World Trade Center at noon, Monday Feb. 2. Officials noted that the walkways around 4 World Trade Center and parts of Vesey St were shut down for a number of hours. Panic ensued, because... shards of ice... falling... but thankfully, no injuries were reported. Though, just to be safe, maybe we should all stop going places and doing things until like, July. 

Lucy Meilus is an Editorial Assistant at Thrillist. Had she been at the scene, she would have definitely been the sole person to be hit by a shard of ice. Follow her on Twitter for more stories of bad luck.