This Handy Spring Tracker Will Help You Spot Blooming Flowers Across NYC

Find out when to see snowdrops, cherry blossoms, daffodils, and more.

The New York City Department of Parks & Recreation has its own version of an advent calendar: a tracker that spots the arrival of Spring through blooming flowers.

Simply dubbed Signs of Spring in NYC Parks, the online gadget records the different types of flowers spotted so far across the city's parks. When a flower is discovered, its image on the website brightens up, and a checkmark appears next to it. To capture every aspect of the arrival of spring, the calendar also includes sightings of birds like Timberdoodles and the switch to Daylight Savings time.

Flower spotting is the main tracker attraction. A brief description under each flower details its usual blooming period and provides the timeframe in which it was discovered in 2022. So far, snowdrops, daffodils, and magnolias are just a few of the flowers that made an appearance in NYC this spring.

Cherry blossoms are also on the spotted list, with the first okame cherry trees blooming in Riverside Park just before the first day of spring, as the tracker reports. April usually marks the peak season for cherry blossoms, and the city is already planning to host festivals and events to marvel at the famous pink flowers. You can check out Thrillist's ultimate guide to NYC's cherry blossoms, or even venture to the Essex County Cherry Blossom Festival in Newark for the country's largest collection of Japanese flowering trees.

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