This Home-Delivered Food Box Gives You an Authentic Taste of NYC Cuisine

Goldbelly just unveiled its Taste of New York Weekender Box.

If you're planning a NYC getaway this summer but are worried you're going to miss the food, Goldbelly has got your back. 

The curated online marketplace for artisanal and local foods just launched its new delivery box for every NYC food fan, aptly named Taste of New York Weekender Box. Once the box is purchased, customers can expect to find a selection of foods from iconic NYC restaurants featuring their most famous (and most loved) eats on their doorstep. The best part? They deliver just about anywhere in the US, so you can get your NYC foodie fix whether you're just away for the weekend or a far-off fan of the city's cuisine.

The box serves 8-12 people, and it includes Gray’s Papaya legendary hot dogs, NYC-style pizzas from John’s of Bleecker Street, delicious bagels from the famous Ess-a-Bagel, and even a New York cheesecake from the iconic Junior's in Brooklyn. 

For more information and to purchase the package, you can visit Goldbelly's website.

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