Here's Exactly How NOT To Support a Busker At a Subway Station

Do not be this guy. Ever.

A YouTube video (embedded below) shows a man attempting to support a busker at the Metropolitan Avenue/Grand Street G train subway stop ... the only problem is that they're separated by two subway tracks. What unfolds is undoubtedly a catastrophe nearly missed, thanks to a boorish jackass who wanted to steal the show by showing off his money with a false display of generosity. 

The guy's got a crumpled up $5 bill, and shouts across the tracks, "So what do we do, I try to throw it in your box?" Obviously, no, that's not what you do. As the gathered crowd on the platform eagerly crowds around to see what will happen next, he emphatically winds up, pitches, and in the dusty breath of the subway tunnel the five spot flutters down right onto the track. 

Not to be upstaged, the busker sits down on the platform edge -- yes, the platform edge they warn you about -- and then lowers himself onto the tracks, steps over the rails to retrieve the cash, and then climbs back to his side of the station. Because one dumb decision is best answered with another.

The Rich Man then tries to take it up another notch, this time reaching into his wallet for a $100, and yells, "I'll give you a hundred dollars not to do that again." Luckily, an oncoming train cuts this episode of lunacy short.

If you've ever wondered what it actually looks like to watch someone get dared into climbing onto the subway tracks, you can watch it all go down here:

(h/t Reddit)

Tony Merevick is Cities News Editor and probably would have yelled at this guy, too, had he been present at the time. Follow him on Twitter @tonymerevick