How Do You Beat Pizza Rat? Try Double Pizza Rat.

From the subway system that brought you the blockbuster Pizza Rat phenomenon comes the dirtiest, crustiest, and rattiest sequel that New York deserves: Double Pizza Rat -- now available on an Instagram near you.

Here's the official synopsis: Pete Zarat was just another kid from the East Village, when one day, he discovered the power hidden in his grubby paws to not just carry diseases, but also an entire slice of pizza. Through his legendary courage, Pete Zarat launched a revolution that inspired rodents across the city to claim their own slice of the pie. But turmoil ensues when his greedy rodent brethren (played by Roy Dent and Carl Critter) threaten to nibble away at the cheese pizza fabric of New York City. Double Pizza Rat goes where the original dared not scamper -- all the way across the track.


But really, the video posted by Instagram user Jonathen Liu on Thursday night raises some interesting questions. Are the subway rats actually mobilizing an army? And who's the self-hater who keeps throwing perfectly good cheese pizza on to the subway floor? Even if it cost a dollar, it's pizza for god's sake.

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Tony Merevick is Cities News Editor at Thrillist and will probably be a pizza rat in his next life. Send news tips to and follow him on Twitter