Here's How to Win Free 'Saturday Night Live' Tickets for This Season

You have until the end of August to try and snag your tickets.

There's many things New Yorkers look forward to once the fall season comes, and the return of Saturday Night Live is definitely one of them.

While watching SNL from the comfort of your own couch is surely great, being able to attend the actual show in person is even better. Any New Yorker can get a free ticket, but you might just need to have some luck on your side.

Snagging SNL tickets can be done via the show's lottery system, which is easy to enter but difficult to win. Starting now, you have until the end of August to submit your entry, and if you're lucky enough, your name might be drawn.

For a chance at winning your SNL tickets, you only have to send an email to with your first name, last name, and a brief paragraph explaining why you want to attend the show in person. If your name is selected, you'll receive two free tickets for one of this season's SNL shows. You aren't able to choose the date or express a preference for one; if you get picked, you'll be assigned a random show. You must also be over 16 to attend.

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