An Exhibit at Brooklyn's Newest Arts Venue Shuts You Inside a Pitch-Black Shipping Container

ArtsDistrict Brooklyn is opening in Greenpoint in July.

Image courtesy of ArtsDistrict Brooklyn
Image courtesy of ArtsDistrict Brooklyn

Get ready to experience a sensory overload. The new immersive and experiential arts venue ArtsDistrict Brooklyn, also known as AD/BK, is opening in Greenpoint (25 Franklin Street) in July.

The huge 25,000 square feet space will redefine how guests experience both analog and digital art in all its form through visual and audio mediums, and it will feature a curated selection of content for visitors to enjoy.

The exhibits "Flight" and "Séance" are set to make their US debut at the new space, offering very intense and immersive experiences. Guests will experience an incredible mix of theater, technology, and sound—and they will do so in complete darkness inside 40-foot shipping containers.

The US premiere of "Limitless AI"—a project signed by the creators of "Poetic AI"—will also be part of the lineup, occupying 10,000 square feet with its immersive audiovisual experience.. It will consist of a 70-minute show that builds from "Poetic AI" and adds an intriguing narrative component. Using datasets ranging from Leonardo da Vinci's brushstroke technique to Galileo's physics textbooks, an artificial intelligence algorithm learned the characteristics of the works it was fed, and it created new artworks from scratch based on those sources.

Those looking to quench their thirst or grab a bite will be able to do so at an on-site café, where they'll also be able to wind down and scroll through their social media thanks to free WiFi. Guests who wish to hang out in the sun, instead, will be welcome to sit outside on the open-air patio with seating available.

To learn more about AD/BK and to purchase tickets, you can visit the ArtsDistrict website.

Check out a cool video of the Berlin exhibit below:

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