Become Part of the Artwork at This Trippy, Interactive Experience in SoHo

INTER_ is opening this November.

Photo courtesy of INTER_

At INTER_, an interactive experience debuting this November in SoHo, you are art as much as the exhibit itself.

On November 2, INTER_ is opening its doors at 415 Broadway, and it's ready to bring visitors on a journey of self-discovery and reflection. Through interactive and generative art, INTER_ welcomes guests into a participatory experience where the presence of each person adds to the art itself. The multi-sensory environment invites visitors to look within and immerse themselves in the storytelling through art installations and digital creations.

In simpler terms, the experience aims at exploring the nature of the mind as well as the world surrounding us, and how we, as individuals, fit within the overarching narrative of our existence. Divided in separate installations representing the classic elements of earth, wind, fire, and water, as well as ether (which represents the awareness of the mind), INTER_ leads visitors down a path of higher knowledge.

A room full of analog and digital mirrors helps visitors explore their own sense of identity, while another experience centered around a guided meditation and audiovisual projections allows them to further grasp the concept of object awareness. An installation dedicated to all five fundamental elements gets visitors to engage with an awakened state of mind through hanging gardens, a cymatic well, a crucible, and other additional experiences, while an experience revolving around the fire element wraps them in darkness while three large gongs give the tempo. A final exhibit brings all of the experiences together, and represents the idea of collective memory and interconnectedness.

"My artistic practice reflects my curiosity and investigation into life's big questions, such as who am I, how did I come to be a conscious being, what is the purpose of life, and what is life itself," Pete Sax, the multidisciplinary artist collaborating in the creation of the space, said in a statement. "I am fascinated by how contemplative inquiries can be meaningfully explored and communicated in our materially minded and somewhat distracted modern, digital age."INTER_ will be open Monday through Friday from 12 pm–10 pm, and on Saturday and Sunday from 10 am–10 pm. For more information and to purchase your tickets, you can visit this website.

Photo courtesy of Inter_
Photo courtesy of Inter_

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