This Long Island Lavender Farm Just Started to Bloom

Lavender by the Bay is located just outside NYC, and will have guests walking through scented seas of purple flowers.

Photo courtesy of Lavender by the Bay
Photo courtesy of Lavender by the Bay

Get ready to take in deep breaths and soothe your soul. At Lavender by the Bay, a lavender farm located just outside of NYC in Long Island, over 80,000 lavender plants will welcome you to the 17-acre property during the season's bloom.

The farm's website encourages guests to "walk through magical fields of purple" and "take a lavender-scented break." The fields at Lavender by the Bay—which features two farm locations, one in East Marion and one in Calverton—enter peak blooming season during the summer months, which makes for a perfect excuse to leave behind the hustle and bustle of the city. Because of the different variety of lavender the farm grows, like English and French lavender, flowers bloom in different months. The first of three majestic blooming periods is in mid-June, followed by two more in early July and early Fall.

According to Lavender by the Bay's Instagram profile, the English lavender fields at their Calverton location just started to bloom, and visitors should get ready to organize a day trip to the beautiful purple fields. 

English lavender is both the first and the last one to bloom in mid-June and early fall. You can marvel at its beauty twice during the summer, and while it is smaller than its French counterpart, it is more colorful. English lavender comes in over 20 varieties, and its color schemes include white, purple, blue, and even pink.

The early fall bloom of English lavender is smaller in size compared to the other ones, but it definitely gives a final opportunity to breathe in the flowers in case you missed the other blooming periods.

Photo courtesy of Lavender by the Bay

According to the farm's team, the best time to visit is in early July, when the freshly scented French lavender is at its height. Rows of purple flowers brighten the farms' fields and offer a spectacular view to visitors. As Lavender by the Bay notes on its website, French lavender tends to grow higher than English lavender, and makes for the classic purple color that characterizes the French region of Provence.

To preserve the beauty of lavender flowers when making dried bunches, workers at the farm cut the French lavender during its peak bloom. Plan your visit accordingly: While the fragrance will remain intact throughout the summer, the later guests visit the premises, the more the French lavender fields will be trimmed and dull in color.

Photo courtesy of Lavender by the Bay

From June and through September, the farm will be open every day from 9 am–5 pm. It also sells all kinds of lavender goods, like dried bunches and sachets and lavender plants. 

Tickets, which will grant access to the fields for 1.5 hours, will be available for purchase closer to the blooming season. You can check for updates on the farm’s website and social media channels.

Check out other beautiful photos of the farm and its fields:

Photo courtesy of Lavender by the Bay
Photo courtesy of Lavender by the Bay

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