These Maps Show How NYC Neighborhood Rents Keep Skyrocketing

Published On 05/20/2015 Published On 05/20/2015
Courtesy of Zumper

Just in time for the detestable summer moving season, real estate listing site Zumper has just released a fresh set of maps that show the ridiculous gobs of money we pay to call NYC home. No neighborhood is safe. Sigh.

Specifically, the maps show median rents for a 1-bedroom apartment in several Manhattan and Brooklyn neighborhoods based on apartment listings data from April. Unsurprisingly, the maps show sky-high rents in hot Manhattan neighborhoods including Tribeca, Chelsea, and Greenwich Village, but things aren't better across the bridge in Brooklyn's Williamsburg, DUMBO, and Vinegar Hill. Somehow, prices have gone up in these already stupidly expensive neighborhoods like Tribeca (up 6%), Flatiron (up 5.2%), and Chelsea (up 1.8%), according to Zumper. It's all your fault, people. Just move to LA already.

Worse yet -- yes, it actually does get worse -- Zumper data shows the overall median rents for a 1-bedroom increased 3.3% to $3,100, securing NYC's spot as the second-most expensive rental market in the country, just behind San Francisco. If you're looking for a deal, you might have to look beyond Zumper's maps to Harlem, where rents ranged from $1,950 to $2,180. It's disgusting that $2,000 for rent is a "deal" anywhere.

Check out the maps right here: 

Courtesy of Zumper
Courtesy of Zumper

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