Maps Showing Sky-High Rent, Crazy Ice Volcano & More NYC News

Published On 02/21/2015 Published On 02/21/2015
Courtesy of Zumper

Since you were probably busy huddling with a roomful of space heaters or going out and chowing on the best new pieces of meat in town, we gathered up all the news you may have missed and made it really easy for you to not sound dumb when talking to your friends at the wine cooler.

Here are some headlines and news stories you can enthusiastically interject into a conversation:

Maps Show Sky-High and Slightly Less Sky-High Rents in NYC Neighborhoods

As New Yorkers, we pay stupid amounts of money to call this city home, but thanks to new maps from listings site Zumper, we can get a good idea of the even stupider amounts of money other people are paying too. READ MORE

A Look Inside the New Upper East Side Whole Foods

There's a brand new Whole Foods that opened Wednesday morning at 87th Street (and Third Avenue) on the Upper East Side, and appropriately, it boasts a monthly cheese club and all the freshly-sliced salmon an Upper East Sider could order. READ MORE

Now You Can Enjoy Balls From Bed With Delivery From The Meatball Shop

Finally, you can enjoy some balls from the comfort of your home. READ MORE

We're Down to Just One 2 Bros. Pizza in the East Village

Whether grease-stained paper plates or crumpled dollar bills, the last remnants of the 2 Bros. Pizza at 36 St. Mark's Place have disappeared. READ MORE

NYC's Most Famous Street Meat Is Coming to Street Meatless LA

As part of a global expansion, New York City's most famous purveyor of gyros and chicken platters drenched in signature white sauce, The Halal Guys, is planning to open dozens of franchise stores across Southern California. READ MORE

You Can Finally Make A Reservation at Pok Pok NY

As of Wednesday, you'll likely no longer have to rely on monitoring the restaurant's live webcam or end up waiting for hours to get a table at Andy Ricker's unique, super-authentic Thai spot, Pok Pok Ny, in Brooklyn. READ MORE

Huge Mirror Falls on Patrons at Balthazar in SoHo

A giant mirror crashed down on customers at SoHo's upscale French eatery Balthazar Cafe Friday morning just after 10am, sending one person to the hospital with minor injuries. READ MORE

Courtesy of Surrey Hotel/Sotheby's

This Is NYC's Most Expensive 1 Bedroom Rental at $300k Per Month

We all knew the rent is pretty outrageous -- or "too damn high" -- in New York City, but this ... this is just out of control. READ MORE

Adorable Dog Living in Subway Tunnel Rescued by MTA Worker

After discovering her wandering the tracks of a D train subway tunnel in the Bronx, an MTA worker rescued an adorable Shih-Tzu poodle last week. READ MORE

Record-Breaking $150 Million Price Tag for Sony Building Penthouse

If you thought the penthouse at One57 selling for $100 million was completely insane, well, say hello to what will be New York’s new priciest real estate listing: the three-level, 21,000sqft penthouse at the Sony Building, 550 Madison Ave. READ MORE

An Upstate NY Park Fountain Has Frozen Into a Monstrous "Ice Volcano"

The arctic temperatures that made you invest in 600 space heaters have menacingly transformed what's usually a nice fountain at an upstate New York state park into a 50ft-tall apocalyptic ice volcano. READ MORE

Score an NYC Studio for Just $833! If You Go Through the Poor Door.

If you're in the market for low-income housing with a separate entrance designed to keep you from encountering rich condo owners who absolutely do not want to see your disgusting $275 shoes, look no further than One Riverside Park on the Upper West Side. READ MORE

There's Now a Website That Tracks How Long NYC Has Gone Without Murder

Now, to make it easier for us to be hopeful about setting a new record, or just downright depressed by the inevitable frequency of people killing each other in our city, there's a website that claims to tell you the current count of murder free days the city has seen. READ MORE

The 11 Most WTF Things We Found on NY Craigslist This Week

Just like water is wet and gravity makes apples, it's also incontrovertible that if you spend time on Craigslist, someone will try to sell you something really scary. READ MORE

Tony Merevick is Cities News Editor at Thrillist and -- after a week like this -- is looking forward to snuggling up at home and drinking all of the red wine. Follow him on Twitter @tonymerevick.



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