An NYC Museum Is Screening Over 100 Horror Films This Summer

The MoMA is celebrating the genre with a new exhibit.

Photo courtesy of Prospector Films

The MoMA is ready to scare you all summer long.

As part of its "Horror: Messaging the Monstrous" exhibition, the museum is screening a selection of 110 all time-favorite and culturally relevant horror films from June 23 through September 5.

Including world-known hits like 1960's Psycho and modern favorites like The Cabin in the Woods (2011), the programming will showcase a selection of short films together with the 110 features, and it will explore the horror genre and its impact throughout the years. The exhibit focuses on the ability of horror movies to portray the hidden fears and conflicts of society, whether they be social, political, or cultural.

"'Messaging the Monstrous' proposes that horror, among the oldest forms of popular entertainment, has evolved to become the signature motion picture genre of the early 21st century," Ron Magliozzi, Curator, Department of Film, said in a statement. "A fertile network of cross-pollinating sub-genres have coalesced to provide a diverse community of filmmakers and audiences with a compelling, at its best intellectually stimulating, mind-expanding fictional medium for dealing with real world issues of personal and global concern."

The screenings will take place in the Museum's Titus Theaters in the Black Family Film Center, and each week will follow a theme revolving around the movies and films' origin. Slasher, Horror of Place, the Undead, Folk Tales, Women Make Horror, and Messaging Gender are only some of the weekly themes, and together they will present to the public a selection of films from 19 different countries spanning across the last 60 years.

Highlights include The Thing (1982), as well as Get Out (2017), Burnt Offerings (1976), and Jennifer's Body (2009). The full screening schedule will be announced in the next few weeks on the MoMA website.

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