It's Official: The L Train Shutdown Will Ruin Your Life in 2019

After months of deliberations and -- to put it mildly -- palpable dread among thousands of subway riders across the city, the MTA announced on Monday its official plans for the massive L train shutdown. In other words, your life will officially suck in a few years if you rely on the L to get around.

As explained in a report by The New York Times, the MTA plans to completely shut down the L train between Manhattan and Brooklyn for 18 months, beginning in January of 2019. Specifically, stations will be closed and service will be halted between Bedford Avenue in Brooklyn and Eighth Avenue in Manhattan while the agency carries out critical work to repair damage to the tunnels from Hurricane Sandy. Lovely.

So far, the MTA plans to add extra cars to G trains to help boost service in the affected areas during the shutdown, as well as additional service on the J and M train lines. But face it, folks, if you need to get between Williamsburg and Manhattan, it's going to be an enormous pain in the ass. However, MTA officials said the massive service interruption will likely end up being better than an alternative plan that would essentially reduce service on the line by 80% while repairs are more slowly implemented over three years, per the report.

Perhaps the only good news here is that if your commute is officially on the chopping block now, you at least have more than two years to get the hell out of there. Good luck.

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Tony Merevick is Cities News Editor at Thrillist and would feel glad that he doesn't live in Williamsburg, but the N or Q trains he takes aren't much better. Send news tips to and follow him on Twitter @tonymerevick.