New Jersey Recreational Cannabis Sales Will Officially Begin Next Week

Seven companies have been authorized to begin recreational sales at their medical dispensaries.

Eric Limon/Shutterstock

It won't arrive quite in time for 4/20, but the first officially licensed recreational cannabis shops in the New York City area will open next week in New Jersey. The state has permitted seven medical cannabis companies to begin recreational sales next Thursday, April 21. 

According to an report, six of the seven authorized companies plan to open at least one of their dispensary locations, which currently serve medical customers, for recreational sales on Thursday. This includes locations in Elizabeth, Rochelle Park, Paterson, and Bloomfield in the NYC area. Recreational customers will be allowed to purchase up to 1 ounce of cannabis in a single transaction, but dispensaries could limit sales more based on initial supplies. 

The move will likely attract visitors from throughout the area. Although New York and Connecticut also legalized recreational cannabis, sales in both states are not expected to begin until the end of this year or later. Pennsylvania and Delaware, which border New Jersey to the West and South, have not yet legalized recreational cannabis. Some cannabis dispensaries are already operating legally in New York state on Native American reservations, although they are primarily small businesses located in rural areas. 

This map—compiled by The Asbury Park Press—shows every licensed dispensary in the state as of now, although not all of them will open on Thursday:

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