New York Has the Country's Most Spoiled Pets, New Survey Shows

Among New York respondents, 42% throw regular birthday parties for their dogs.

New Yorkers have a ton of love to give, and not only to human beings.

According to a recent national survey by pet insurance experts at Forbes Advisor, New Yorkers spoil their pets the most. Scoring a whopping 44.95 out of 100, New York state won the ranking, followed by California in second place. Washington state, meanwhile, won the bronze medal.

The study, which involved 5,002 dog owners across the country, analyzed nine key metrics to come up with the ultimate national ranking, including whether or not owners brought their pup on vacation, if they spent more money on the dog than on their significant other, and if they spent more on their dog's health than their own.

The habit of preparing homemade dog food was also taken into account, and the survey asked owners whether or not they liked to throw birthday parties for their four-legged friends. Shopping for outfits and accessories was also one of the study's key metrics, as was the likelihood to purchase special treats (like a Puppuccino from Starbucks). Owners were also asked whether they carry their dog when they refuse to walk and if they push it in a stroller.

The behaviors analyzed by the study might seem a bit odd to the general public, but New Yorkers tend to disagree. Among the New Yorkers who participated in the survey, 40% of them said they spent more money on spoiling their dog than on spoiling their significant other, and more than half of them (55%) admitted to spending more on their pet's health and grooming than they do on their own. New York dogs are also fed with higher standards in mind, too, as 38% of New York dog owners regularly prepare homemade food for their pooch.

To New Yorkers, appearances are important. Almost 6 out of 10 NY respondents (59%) said they bought outfits as well as accessories for their pets, and 42% of them throw regular birthday parties for their dogs. If you've never seen anyone in New York push a dog in a stroller, just look harder. One in four New Yorker who responded to the survey said they've done it.

Zooming out of New York and considering the US as a whole, dog parents are particularly generous when it comes to their pup. All the owners surveyed reported spending an average of $730 a year on their dog, but 41% of them said they spend between $500 and $1,999 a year.

For more information, you can read the full report here.

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