This Notorious B.I.G. Metaverse Space Lets You Experience '90s Brooklyn

Users can live Biggie's Brooklyn on The Brook.

Photo courtesy of Burst Live

If you ever wondered what Notorious B.I.G.'s Brooklyn felt like in the '90s, now you can discover it yourself.

To celebrate the late rapper's 50th birthday a few days ago, New York City came up with many initiatives honoring the King of New York in his own city. Murals, limited-edition MetroCards, and even dedicated light shows and screenings popped up everywhere across NYC.

The physical world, though, isn't the only place paying homage to Biggie. A gamified virtual metaverse, dubbed The Brook, was just announced, and it will allow users to travel back to the '90s and step into Biggie's Brooklyn.

The dedicated and photorealistic metaverse—a project of the Burst Live platform in collaboration with The Notorious B.I.G.'s estate—brings Biggie fans inside his world, showing them the roots of hip-hop culture directly from the field.

"Burst Live is proud to bring one of the most unique and powerful photorealistic Metaverse projects ever created," Burst Live Founder and CEO Mikael Meklin said in a statement. "The Brook will be a powerful recreation of Biggie's world that will share his legacy with a new generation in an immersive experience. We are honored to work with the estate to bring this world to life."

Biggie fans will get the opportunity to explore the rapper's neighborhood and history, and they'll be able to attend virtual concerts, buy virtual real estate, and purchase B.I.G. collector NFTs. The B.I.G. V.I.P. token will be available on June 3, allowing guests to score early access to the Metaverse as well as special content drops.

Check out the video trailer below:

Video courtesy of Burst Live

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