NYC's Heatwave Just Became Official

Published On 08/17/2015 Published On 08/17/2015

In order for a heat wave to officially be declared, temps need to hit 90 degrees or higher for at least three straight days -- which is exactly what happened in NYC today, marking the Big Apple's first official heat wave since 2013. In fact, today's high was measured as a blistering 95 degrees (tied with the record high), with effective heat indices reaching up to 100.

It's not just New York, either: the entire Northeastern United States is seeing a rise in both temperature and humidity -- from Raleigh, NC all the way up to Bangor, ME -- with air quality taking a nosedive throughout the tri-state area. Although no weather-dong events have been reported, the heat and humidity are expected to continue into the rest of the week, with the only relief coming in the form of scattered thunderstorms later on.

In other words, if you've been waiting all summer to hit the beach, now's the time -- don't wait one more night (una noche).

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