These 2 NYC Landmarks Were Just Named the Most Loved in the U.S.

Travelbag just released the complete list.

NYC is filled with historic buildings and iconic landmarks, so it should come as no surprise that two of them occupy the first two spots on America's most beloved landmarks list.

The travel website Travelbag just released data about the most loved landmarks across the US. At the top of the list is the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which is the largest museum in the country. It features art from all around the world, and is home to an iconic fashion exhibit that is inaugurated every year following the Met Gala. Second on the list is the National 9/11 Memorial & Museum, which honors the victims and explores the history and tragedy of the 2001 terrorist attacks.

To come up with the results, Travelbag considered the total number of reviews for each landmark as of this past July and divided them by the number of five-star reviews. Then, it turned the result into a percentage. With 81% of five-star ratings, the Met won the gold medal, while the National 9/11 Memorial & Museum came in second with 75% of its reviews earning five stars.The third spot went to a landmark located outside of New York: Pennsylvania's Gettysburg National Military Park. 

To take a look at the complete list, you can visit this page.

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