Confirmed: NYC's Airports Are the Worst for Delays

Published On 05/29/2015 Published On 05/29/2015

New Yorkers know their airports are awful -- even getting to them is a jumbo-jet-sized pain in the ass. Unsurprisingly, a new report shows that the area's three major airports are the worst in the country for yet another thing: stranding fliers on the tarmac for ridiculous lengths of time.

LaGuardia, JFK, and Newark Liberty International topped Global Gateway Alliance's ranking of airports with the highest percentage of flights delayed on the tarmac for an hour or more in 2014, the New York Daily News reports. LaGuardia (.68%) took first, JFK (.63%) second, and Newark (.42%) took third. As the NYDN points out, that's almost seven extended tarmac delays per day at LaGuardia alone. Overall, people attempting to escape NYC were trapped on the tarmac for at least an hour on 6,788 flights out of the area's three airports.

While NYC airports had the worst percentages, O'Hare had the most total tarmac delays at 3,679, followed by JFK (2,661), LaGuardia (2,457), Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson (1,732), and Newark (1,670), rounding out the top five. Worse yet, both JFK and Newark had the highest number of extreme delays -- lasting over three brutal hours -- with 21 at JFK and 16 at Newark. Apparently, the seventh circle of hell is somewhere past security, and just after Cinnabon. The report cited bad weather and air traffic congestion for the insane delays. Because that doesn't happen anywhere else in America.

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Tony Merevick is Cities News Editor at Thrillist and hasn't had many issues flying out of NYC airports, it's just the getting to the airport part that totally sucks every single time. Send news tips to and follow him on Twitter @tonymerevick.



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