These 4 NYC Subway Lines Will Start Running Faster Next Week, Saving You Time

The MTA just released its faster weekday schedules for trains serving nearly one million commuters.

The Big Apple moves fast, and New Yorkers will soon be able to move faster, too. 

As the New York Daily News reports, some subway lines in NYC will start running at higher speeds on their weekday schedule. Lines impacted include the 2, 3, 4, and 5, and their quicker schedule will allow 900,000 commuters to save time. 

The new changes will impact train schedules starting in July. According to NYC Transit officials, the lines affected by the changes will be able to reduce their trips by about 10 minutes. While that might sound like a small change for one subway trip, the minutes accumulated in a day will result in noticeable amount of time. 

For now, the quicker schedules will not impact weekend subway rides. In fact, weekend subway ridership has rebounded far faster than weekdays since the pandemic hit, with tourists and leisure returning to old habits quicker than office commuters. 

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