Fill Your Trick-or-Treat Basket with Unlimited Candy at NYC's Museum of Ice Cream

The museum is changing its name to Museum of I-Scream for the month of October.

Photo courtesy of Museum of Ice Cream

Childhood Halloween dreams are about to come true for New Yorkers with a sweet tooth. To celebrate the spooky festivity, the Museum of Ice Cream is turning into a trick-or-treat hotspot with unlimited candy.

From September 30 through October 31, the museum will change its name into Museum of I-Scream, and it will welcome visitors into its revamped Halloween-themed premises. Everybody is encouraged to wear a costume, and once there, the candy madness can begin. Every guest will be given an ice cream mask and a treat bag, and they'll be able to collect as much candy as they want as they walk through a museum filled with jack-o-lanterns, pink skeletons, and tricks around every corner.

Big trick-or-treat cauldrons scattered around the museum will be holding the prized candy, and those who are able to solve the riddle will be granted the opportunity to fill up their basket. Of course, ice cream candy will be available too, and adult visitors will be able to order a Witches Brew cocktail as well. If sugar gets to your bloodstream quickly and you suddenly feel super energized, do not fret: a Monster Mash dance party in the Sprinkle Pool will allow you to let loose to the best Halloween songs.

All ages are welcome to participate. Regular and general admission tickets start from $36 on weekdays, $44 on weekends, and $49 from October 28 through October 30. To reserve your own tickets, you can visit the museum's website.

Photo courtesy of Museum of Ice Cream

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