Watch This 14-Million-Pound Broadway Theater Being Lifted 30 Feet Above Times Square

The Palace Theater lift is part of a much larger expansion and renovation project.

Image courtesy of L&L Holding Company
Image courtesy of L&L Holding Company

The roots of the historic Palace Theatre in Times Square are now planted 30 feet higher than before.

Thanks to a renovation and expansion project that recently came to completion, the theater was lifted above the ground to make space for more commercial space while preserving the historic NYC landmark.

Lifting a theater wasn't an easy job nor a light one. The 14-million pound theater box was lifted using new and improved engineering technology, which is a hybrid between a structural steel shoring post and a hydraulic jack. Soon, the whole theater will also undergo renovations, which will include refurbishing the theater's interior as well as modifying and improving the lobby, the reception area, and the backstage.

The theater will continue its life in a new multi-purpose building. TSX Broadway—the new project's name—will be open in 2023 and, together with the Palace Theater, it will host a multitude of other hospitality and entertainment services. The 46-story building will be home to Times Square's only indoor/outdoor performance venue, a hotel, the district's largest outdoor terrace, and even retail and entertainment space.

"The completion of the Palace Theatre lift marks a milestone in this innovative project that is revitalizing Times Square and emerging as a symbol of the spirit of New York City's economic and cultural strength in one of its most iconic destinations," David Levinson, Chairman and CEO of L&L Holding Company, said in a statement. "We are thankful to all of our partners for accomplishing this never-before-seen feat of engineering, which will preserve the legacy of this historic landmark while unlocking its full potential as a modern-day entertainment destination."

Check out a time lapse video of the lift below:

Video courtesy of L&L Holdings Company

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