New York City Just Removed Its Last Public Payphone

LinkNYC kiosks will replace the last payphones on Manhattan streets.


New Yorkers are mourning the end of an era today. The city's last public payphone, located on Seventh Avenue in Manhattan's Times Square, was just removed. 

The city has been replacing its remaining payphone booths with LinkNYC kiosks for the better part of a decade, phasing out the now-obsolete service with internet-connected terminals that provide a wider range of services. LinkNYC kiosks offer internet access, charging stations, weather and transit alerts, social service directories, and more.

There are still private payphones available in some parts of the city. LinkNYC plans to roll out additional kiosks across the city in the coming months.

Check out a video of the phone booth's removal below:

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Chris Mench is an editor focusing on NYC News at Thrillist. You can follow him on Twitter for more of his work.