Cereal Boxes Full of $100 Cash Planted in NYC Bodegas by Rapper Cam'ron

Hey Ma. And Da. And kids. Whatever you do today through Sunday 4/12, be sure to Get Down to your (possibly) friendly local NYC bodega to look for the greatest box of cereal to ever feature a rapper who has a powerful lust for purple fur.

Virgin Mega and the head Diplomat himself are (presumably) riding around in a Horse and Carriage, planting boxes of Cam’ron Killa Crunch next to other, lesser cereals at bodegas and only bodegas all around the city. If you're lucky enough to snag one, inside you'll find a T-shirt, $100 in goddamn cash, and maybe some cereal too, but who cares about that part.

Check out hashtag #killacrunch or Virgin Mega's Twitter and Instagram, which'll be revealing bodegas over the next few days, taking all the fun out of the search so you have a better chance of taking a C-note out of a cardboard box.

Oh Boy.

UPDATE: Killa is late getting his cash-boxes out into the bodegas -- they'll be on shelves starting tomorrow, 4/10. Cam does what he wants. Dipset!