MTA Poll Sparks Debate About How to Pronounce LIRR

So far, almost 10,000 people cast their vote.

The MTA Long Island Rail Road is sick and tired of its name being mispronounced, and this time, it took it to Twitter to settle the debate for good.

"Alright, folks. Let's settle this once and for all," reads the caption of the Twitter poll on the LIRR account. "What are we called?" The options are four: "L I R R," "L I double R," "Long Island Rail Road," and "Lurrrr."

Almost 10,000 Twitter accounts (mine included) expressed their preference. "L I R R" leads the race with 36% of votes. "L I double R" closely follows with 31.9%, while "Lurrrr" only got 16.8% of votes and "Long Island Rail Road" is last with 15.2%.

One tweet points out that the debate was apparently settled three years ago by the Queens Daily Eagle. At the time, the Twitter poll brought similar results, with "El Eye Are Are" winning the majority of the votes.

Another user, instead, chose chaos. "Metro-East," tweeted Joe Cutrufo. We'll have to see if that name sticks.

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