A New, 500 Person-Capacity Nightclub Is Coming to Brooklyn Very Soon

It is opening on February 10.

Photo courtesy of SILO
Photo courtesy of SILO

The thought of hitting a Brooklyn club when you're not a people person might be intimidating, especially if you don't want to be shoulder-to-shoulder with thousands of others. If you don't want to miss out on dance music and your favorite DJ sets, though, you might be in luck.

SILO, a new dance music club with a capacity of only 500 people, is opening in Brooklyn on February 10. Located at 90 Scott in East Williamsburg just a few steps from the other popular venue 99 Scott, the new venue is the brainchild of NYC promoter duo Alex Neuhausen and Lilly Wolfson.

The immersive, carbon-neutral club will bring guests into a meticulously designed space featuring multi-genre music. Hosting international DJs and producers, SILO will deliver a multi-sensory experience representing the full spectrum of dance music and its communities, and with no defining genre or BPM, it will explore sound in every direction.

Music purists will also be happy to know that the club will host vinyl-only nights as well. "We want to be a home for a scene," said Neuhausen in a statement. "We want to be the spot that 20 years from now, people say 'I was there and saw so and so spin their first set in the front room of SILO.'"

A converted hangar, SILO encapsulates the industrial design vibes to a T, but it also features refined and hip looks. "I wanted the space to have an elevated, polished look while still keeping the industrial aura," said Wolfson, who also designed the club's interior. "It's very structured and clean, but I don't want it to feel like a club. I want people to forget where they are. I intentionally left the graffiti on the exterior to keep it nondescript."

Upon taking to the dancefloor, guests will be surrounded by a fully custom lighting and a high-contrast projection system that will form a seamless 8K image mapped both on the ceiling's vault and on the walls.

During the first month, an exciting lineup of DJs is already set to welcome clubbers into the space. Josh Wink and the acid techno sounds of Hiroko Yamamura will transport you into their world, and there will also be a special all-nighter with Eli Escobar.

Take a look at the full opening month lineup below:

Image courtesy of SILO

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