Update: Up to 6 Inches of Snow Expected in NYC Today

UPDATED - March 19th, 4:30pm

Thanks to a lovely low pressure system that'll hit the NYC area on Friday, it looks like we'll be celebrating the first day of spring with a nice coating of soul-crushing snow -- cue the womp-womp trombone. So anyone planning to strut their stuff in a cute sundress or shorts should make sure their snow boots match. Or maybe just don't plan on that.

According to a new Winter Weather Advisory issued by the National Weather Service on Thursday afternoon, NYC can see anywhere from 3in to 6in of snow beginning Friday morning -- just in time for the morning commute -- and lasting through Friday night, you know, so it can ruin your way home, too. Earlier Thursday, New York City officials issued a snow alert ahead of the Friday snowstorm. 

Previously, forecasters had predicted up to 4in of snow. On Thursday, NWS meteorologist Faye Barthold told DNAinfo that Saturday will be "relatively nice,” but we’re still going to take issue with the fact that the predicated high of 47 is "nice". High winds this weekend will push wind chills into the low teens, too. Overall, temperatures are expected to stay low -- about 10 degrees lower than normal according to the NWS.

So congrats winter, you've managed to destroy our dreams of finally getting to drink outside once again. Oh, and you too, spring! Thanks for failing us on your first day.

Emily Kolars is an Editorial Assistant at Thrillist. She grew up in Minnesota and finds none of this surprising. Follow her @emilykolars