So NYC Manhole Covers Are Exploding Left and Right, and It's Terrifying

Published On 02/03/2015 Published On 02/03/2015

As New Yorkers, we already have so many unlikely — but still totally possible — hazards to worry about like air conditioners dropping on our heads, falling through those grates on the sidewalk, and being trapped in an elevator. And now it seems like one of those hazards is becoming more than an unlikely possibility, there's been a series of manhole cover explosions in Brooklyn, and it's freaking us the hell out. Great. Just great.

Since Monday, two manhole covers have exploded in Park Slope. The latest manhole incident occurred early Tuesday morning at 400 6th St., causing a car to catch fire and resulting in the evacuation of six nearby buildings, CBS New York reported. And on Monday morning, an manhole explosion near Prospect Park put two people in the hospital — a man who was hit in the head by the flying cover while out walking his dog and woman who was hurt when windows in her nearby apartment shattered, DNAinfo reported. The explosion was heard throughout the neighborhood. 

Apparently the explosions were winter weather related. Con Ed said melting snow, ice, and salt in the streets getting into underground electrical equipment could spark suck issues, according to the CBS report. And there's plenty of snow, slush, ice, and salt out there right now from the recent snow storms. We already have to stress about just getting to work on time, and now we have to be careful around manholes?


Tony Merevick is Cities News Editor at Thrillist and will never look at manholes the same way every again. Follow him on Twitter @tonymerevick



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