You Can Buy 38 Houses in Memphis for the Price of 1 Soho Apartment

We're all fully aware that Manhattan is excruciatinglyexpensive. On a daily basis, we're close to selling our organs/souls to pay for our apartments and lots of necessary cheeseburgers, and five or six times a week (especially when our bank accounts are bottomed out) we have that "Just think of how little we'd be paying if we lived in X city" conversation. So, really, just how much could you be paying elsewhere?

Well, CityLab has collected average home costs from Zillow to figure out just what the price of a Soho apartment could get you in other major metro areas. Spoiler alert: it's nothing! JUST KIDDING, IT'S SO MUCH, YOU'RE GOING TO THROW UP.

Your money goes the furthest in Southern and Rust Belt cities. In Memphis, you can literally own 38 houses for the price of exactly one stupid Soho apartment that definitely has mice and a leaky kitchen sink and black mold but ooooh that exposed brick! Again, 38 HOUSES in Memphis. In Detroit you could have 29, and even in Las Vegas you could own 18.

Now, of course, we don't all live in Soho, where (according to Zillow estimates) the average home is almost $3 million -- but it's still a solid reference point. And, if you do indeed live in Soho, first of all, shut up, and second of all, did you read the number 38 just now? Here it is again, in case you missed it: 38 houses.

Check out the full ranking of large metros where you can buy the most homes for the price of one Soho apartment, and let the weeping commence:

10. Las Vegas, NV - 18
9. Nashville, TN -  20
8. Atlanta, GA - 23
7. Cincinnati, OH - 26
6. Oklahoma City, OK - 28
5. Detroit, MI - 29
4. Cleveland, OH - 30
3. Birmingham, AL - 32 
2. St. Louis, MO - 34
1. Memphis, TN - 38

Lucy Meilus is a staff writer for Thrillist and is very much in the market for 38 houses. Follow her to debt on Twitter at @Lucymeilus and send news tips to