This Subway-Inspired Version of Wordle Is Perfect for Hardcore New Yorkers

Subwaydle will test your knowledge of the MTA.

Subwaydle game interface.
Screengrab via Subwaydle

Think you're an expert on all things NYC transit? Get ready to put your skills to the test with a new take on the viral puzzle game Wordle that focuses on the city's subway system.

Subwaydle uses the same format as Wordle to plot a transit trip across New York City. Players must guess the mystery three-train route in six tries using only valid transfers. Like the original game, the line will turn green if it's in the proper position and yellow if it's part of the final answer but in the wrong order. You can even share your color-coded results on social media. 

The game was created by New York City-based software engineer Sunny Ng. He's an avowed transit fan who has also put his coding skills to work building a real-time subway map and a service tracker for the system. Subwaydle may not fetch Ng a seven-figure payout like Wordle did with its recent purchase by The New York Timesbut the game is a fun pastime for the city's transit experts.

You can play Subwaydle online now.

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