The Fall of Chris Christie & More NYC News You Might Have Missed

Published On 01/30/2015 Published On 01/30/2015

Since you were probably busy complaining about "blizzard," and throwing down cash for your office's Super Bowl bets, we gathered up all the news you may have missed and made it really easy for you to not sound dumb when talking to your friends. Now it's just up to you to not mess it up from here. 

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Welp, the L Train Is Going to Suck This Spring

Brooklynites, you're not going to like this... READ MORE

The Rent Is Too Damn High Guy Got an Eviction Notice

Not only does the famously-mustachioed Jimmy McMillan -- better known as the leader of the Rent Is Too Damn High Party -- have to worry about the rent being too damn high, now he might also have to worry about finding a new damn place to live thanks to an eviction notice from his landlord. McMillan was ordered out of his rent-stabilized apartment in the East Village... READ MORE

TIMBER! Watch Chris Christie Fall out of His Chair

Philadelphia radio station 94WIP released "never before publicly-seen footage" on Friday showing New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie falling from a chair at its studios. READ MORE

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Look at These Stunning Photos of a Deserted NYC in the "Blizzard"

While you were likely inside, hiding from the "historic" "blizzard" (that wasn't) or hanging out with your "blizzard girlfriend," photographer Anthony Quintano was roaming the streets of Midtown capturing the beauty and tranquility of the snowstorm all night β€” from Central Park to a nearly deserted Times Square... READ MORE

New Yorkers Looked for Blizzard Hookups, Dates on Craigslist

Here are a few of the many listings that were posted. Enjoy... READ MORE

How Much Worse Can This NYC Winter Get? We Asked a Meteorologist.

The weather this winter. Man. It looked like we were buddies and then BAM. A-hole. So much a-hole. Question is, can we ever be friends again? Or is it gonna keep being an a-hole? READ MORE

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This Online Tool Will Stop You from Ordering from Gross NYC Restaurants

It's pretty easy to avoid restaurants with poor letter grades from the NYC Department of Mental Health and Hygiene when you're out for a walk on lunch, but a new Google Chrome browser extension could make it just as easy for choosing where to order from on delivery sites... READ MORE

New Ghostbusters Movie to Feature All-Female Leads

The cast for the new reboot of the Ghostbusters franchise has been chosen, and this time, the Ghostbusters will be played by some badass women β€” Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones, and Kate McKinnon, according to a report by The Hollywood Reporter... READ MORE

Shake Shack Went Public and Gave Away Free Food on Wall Street

And the company's IPO filings reveal some insider facts that people who know how numbers work might care about. Oh, and they tweeted a photo of how damn crazy the lines got...  READ MORE


New York City's 13 Best January Restaurant/Bar Openings

It's possible that you've spent this month totally sticking to your resolutions, which is great, but now it's time to put down the green juice or whatever, and focus your attention on the hot new bars and restaurants you missed while you were out jogging six miles every day... READ MORE

Watch as a Guy Proposes on the M Train

There were friends, family... and even a choir... READ MORE via Gothamist.

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Deep-Fried PBR Burger Spot Coming to NYC, Offering Unlimited Burger Cards

Known and revered for its massive and insane Franken-burgers like the Deep-Fried PBR Burger, Philadelphia-based burger shop PYT is coming to NYC's Lower East Side this summer, and starting Monday, it's going to start selling cards that will get you unlimited burgers for a whole year. Unlimited. Burgers. For. A. Year... READ MORE

This Guy in Brooklyn Trained a Rabbit to Fetch Him Beer

Talk about a beer with lots of hops. READ MORE

A Brooklyn Federal Court Is Putting a Stop to Fake Mister Softee Ice Cream Trucks

The judge ruled against a Queens man in a lawsuit alleging he infringed on Mister Softee's trademark and used similar looking trucks to confuse consumers.... READ MORE via the Brooklyn Daily Eagle

Tony Merevick is Cities News Editor at Thrillist and needs to clean off his desk after this week. Half-eaten Chop’t salad, empty bottle of Wild Turkey, not-dishwasher-safe dinosaur coffee mug, and too many sticky notes. Follow him on Twitter @tonymerevick



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