This Is New York State's Favorite Girl Scout Cookie

New Yorkers search for this cookie the most, according to Google Trends.

Girl Scout cookies are a must-have in every pantry, and Americans have been arguing long and hard about which iconic cookie is the absolute best.

In New York State, the gold medal goes to Thin Mints. According to Google Trends, cookie searches, and data from Girl Scouts, New Yorkers have a soft spot for the chocolate and mint delicacy, so much so that it commands 30% of cookie-related Google search traffic. The Samoa closely follows with 22% of searchers, while the least favorite cookie is the Do-si-dos (11%).

Yet, when looking closely at Eastern New York and Western New York, the two have different opinions. While the former strongly prefer Thin Mints, the latter is all about the Samoas, according to Google Trends.

Overall, New York is mainly in line with the country's absolute Girls Scout cookie rankings. Google Trends show that, generally speaking, Americans love Thin Mints the most, and hold the Samoas dear as well.

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