Roller Skate Next to Airplanes at the New JFK Airport Roller Rink

The roller rink at TWA Hotel is opening on April 15.

Photo courtesy of TWA Hotel

If you haven't noticed yet, New York City is going through a roller skating frenzy.

With Rockefeller Center replacing its famous ice rink with a roller rink just in time for spring and roller disco parties blowing up in Brooklyn, roller skating has quickly become a city pastime. Now, the hobby is expanding even further east, with the TWA Hotel at John F. Kennedy International Airport opening a roller rink directly on the tarmac.

From April 15 through November of this year, the Roll-A-Rama at the Runway Rink is welcoming guests every Friday from 4–8 pm and Saturdays and Sundays from 12–8 pm (weather permitting). And if weekends don’t work, the rink is also available for event booking during the week.

Photo courtesy of TWA Hotel

Accompanied by retro music and immersed in TWA Hotel's '60s vibes, skating fans will be able to travel back in time next to real planes. They can even plan to catch one after their skating session ends, as the TSA allows travelers to carry roller skates in their carry-on and checked bags.

While skaters are welcome to bring their own gear, rentals are available (and included) with every 50-minute session. The adult price for a skating session is $20, while kids under 12 are charged $16. Admissions can only be paid by credit card and are on a first-come, first-serve basis. For more information, you can visit the TWA Hotel website.

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