This Viral TikTok Shows Just How Tiny a $4,000 NYC Apartment Can Be

The video has almost 200,000 views on the platform.

With New York City currently offering more Airbnbs than available apartment rentals, finding a decent place to live in the City can be harder than it once was.

Plus, the market isn't ideal right now in terms of prices. In the last few months, New York saw the biggest rent increases in decades, and this trend doesn't seem to be stopping anytime soon.

Because of the difference between high demand and low availability, some New Yorkers looking for a place to live are currently coming across overpriced units that present some oddly unique design features.

A video that recently went viral on TikTok shows an NYC apartment allegedly priced at $4,000 a month featuring "red flags" already from the entrance. The door can't even open fully. If one tries to swing it open, they will find the apartment's stove blocking the door's path halfway through.

"Lol I work for the Department of Housing Preservation and Development and am almost certain there are some housing code violations in [that] apartment," a comment read.

While the high price may come from multiple bedrooms, location, or some other factor, it's certainly alarming to see, and sparked a heated discussion on social media about how much an apartment is really worth anywhere.

Watch the viral TikTok here below:

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