Viral TikTok Shows 6-Foot-Wide NYC Studio Renting for $2,595

At least it has two windows.

The expression "living in a shoebox" might not be an exaggeration in this case. 

A video tour that went viral on TikTok shows a NYC studio featuring what is described as a "full kitchen" and a "full mirrored bathroom." Located in Midtown's East 35th Street, it goes for $2,595 a month, which (sadly) may not be a bad deal considering the recent rent spikes in the city. 

When you see what you're actually paying for, though, $2,595 a month sounds a lot less reasonable. According to @rentnewyork, the TikToker who posted the video, the studio is roughly six feet wide, and the kitchen features one drawer and a very limited number of cabinets. There is also a small sink, a fridge, a stovetop, and a dishwasher. In addition, the whole apartment only has one closet, which is in the shape of a triangle and occupies a small corner. 

The TikToker, who grew a following by posting videos of NYC rentals across the city including good and bad ones, seems to be in disbelief, too. "Is this NYC's smallest studio?" the TikToker asks.

"Claustrophobic much i would rip my hair out," reads one of the comments. "That’s not a closet it’s a spice cabinet," added another one. 

Watch the video below:

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