Bars & Cops Are Teaching Hipsters How to Not Get Their Shit Stolen

Apparently, Williamsburg youth (still classified as "hipsters," because everyone is too lazy to come up with a new term) have a hard time remembering to close their bags!!!! Someone please help these poor, innocent souls!!!!

According to DNAInfo, Williamsburg bars and police have joined together for a month-long social media campaign called #OutSmartBK to teach safety tips to younger residents, who are apparently too often deceived by their neighborhood. Topics covered include personal property, public transportation, dating, bike riding, and elevator safety. So, basically, how to be a human. Yay, taxpayer dollars!

The campaign, which began July 10th and runs until August 3rd, has an Instagram account featuring tips like "don't forget to zipper your purse" and "take your keys out before you arrive at your door." It also has several posters that say things like "I am Brooklyn" and "We are Brooklyn" followed by the strangely worded "We Go #OutsmartBK." Okay, okay, we go do it!

Inspector Mark DiPaolo of the 90th Precinct told DNAinfo that police hope that by teaming up with local bars and using social media, they'll be able to better connect to the neighborhood's younger inhabitants. Now why didn't our schools think of this as well?    

There have been a number of #OutSmartBK events in the past month, the next one being "Bike Safety" at Black Bear Bar, where you can drink PBRs and listen to live music by something/someone called Dirtyfinger while learning about how to not get your bike stolen. The more you know!

Lucy Meilus is a staff writer for Thrillist and needs more info on elevator safety. Follow her on Twitter at @Lucymeilus and send news tips to