Bring Your Favorite VHS Videotape to This Unpredictable 'Open VCR Night' in Brooklyn

Wonderville is hosting the event tonight.

Brooklynites who wish to time travel back to the '90s can do so by heading over to Wonderville tonight.

From 7 to 9 pm, the venue is hosting the Open VCR Night event, where everybody is encouraged to bring their favorite VHS videotape to show the audience. If you don't own one, or if your mom threw out all of them, don't fret. You can borrow one from the venue's selection.

If you wish to attend, be careful. The event is not for the hypersensitive. Among the rules carefully laid out on the event's page, the audience is warned that anyone can eject a tape at any time. The compromise, though, is that if you eject, you must insert a new video.

To prevent the audience from walking into something unexpected, "The Anticipated" section lists out what you should know about the event. You should expect lively audience commentary, which you can also catch via a Twitch stream, '90s Disney movies, workout videos, and what's labeled "insensitive cringe." 

As the website points out, anything may play, but anything may also be ejected. You can boo, too, if you wish, and both fast-forwarding and rewinding are permitted. Participate at your own risk!

Wonderville is located at 1186 Broadway in Brooklyn. For more information, you can visit the event page.

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