Get a Fresh Hamburger Cooked on Demand from This Vending Machine

RoboBurger, the world’s first robot burger chef, just launched in Jersey City.

Photo courtesy of RoboBurger
Photo courtesy of RoboBurger

RoboBurger only takes six minutes to craft a perfect burger. The world's first robot burger chef just launched in Jersey City, and its vending machine format is attracting burger aficionados to new location in the Newport Centre Mall.

The robot, which is an artificially intelligent, self-operating system, is able to build a burger from scratch in just a few minutes. Measuring 12 square feet, the robot features an internal refrigeration system and the ability to self-clean.

Built to model the cooking process that human chefs use in restaurants, RoboBurger grills the meat, toasts the bun, and assembles the burger with the customer's preferred condiments in a most efficient manner—and serves it nice and hot for only $6.99. Since it doesn't require any humans, the robot vending machine is ready to serve as long as the mall is open. 

The company behind it, RoboBurger, is planning to expand to airports, shopping malls, colleges, and even offices across the country to offer a fast, contactless burger kitchen to hungry customers.

"I started RoboBurger in my garage 17 years ago," RoboBurger co-founder and CEO Audley Wilson said in a statement," "and now there couldn't be a better time to bring it to life and have everyone experience it."

Watch a video of RoboBurger in action here:

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