These 2 NYC Airports Are Among the Country's Worst for Delays, Study Shows

A quarter of flights were delayed at one airport last year.

If your trips in and out of NYC didn't go so smoothly last year, it wasn't just your imagination.

According to a study from Family Destinations Guide—drawn from official Bureau of Transportation statistics—both John F. Kennedy International Airport and Newark Liberty International Airport were among the 10 worst airports in the country for delayed flights last year. 

Newark came in at No. 2, with 26.51% of flights delayed and 5.94% canceled. Meanwhile, John F. Kennedy landed at No. 7, with 24.08% of flights delayed and 4.42% canceled. Both were beaten out by Orlando International Airport, which saw a whopping 28.24% of flights delayed and an additional 3.52% canceled. 

With travelers flocking back to NYC-area airports in numbers not seen since the pandemic began, airports are seeing more crowds and delays, especially with uncooperative winter weather. Based on these numbers, your best bet to dodge delays might be the newly revamped LaGuardia Airport in Queens. Then again, previous studies have shown abnormal cancellation rates across all three of NYC's major airports. Hang in there, travelers!

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Chris Mench is an editor focusing on NYC News at Thrillist. You can follow him on Twitter for more of his work.