You Probably Didn't Know You Could Do This With Your MetroCard

Published On 03/03/2015 Published On 03/03/2015

You should always be striving to maneuver the subway as knowledgeably and deftly as possible, which is why we found it so fascinating when a New Yorker posted an interesting question about their fare card Tuesday morning on AskNYC Reddit: What happens if you buy two monthly passes on the same fare card at the same time?

Within minutes, MTA-savvy Redditors replied, and the answer is pretty awesome. According to the responses, it's possible to purchase a monthly pass on your card and then "bank" another monthly pass on the same card. Once the first monthly pass is up, the second one is available to use automatically, which could save you time trying to get to work in the morning by having the fare ready right away. And with the fare increase coming up March 22nd, you might be able to save a little money by banking your next monthly pass at the lower rate.

However, Amanda Kwan, an MTA spokesperson, told Thrillist it's not quite that simple thanks to one small catch. Kwan explained that in order to add a second unlimited pass to the same MetroCard, you must first activate the current unlimited pass on it by swiping the card at a turnstile. 

"You can buy one, then activate it, and then buy the second," Kwan said. "But you cannot be charged for two at a single time of purchase. You always need to have one unlimited activated before the card can store another block of unlimited time." Additionally, Kwan said the particular Reddit user who asked the question should check with their credit card company about the double charge. 

It's probably worth noting, though, that at $112 for a monthly pass -- $116.50 starting later this month -- that'd be a pretty damn valuable card and would suck twice as much if you lost it. So other than saving some time, or perhaps saving a few bucks by getting an extra monthly pass before that fare hike (you'd have to activate it before March 29th, anyway), why would anyone want to do this?

Tony Merevick is Cities News Editor at Thrillist and is always worrying about possibly losing his fare card in the hustle every morning onto the train. Follow him on Twitter @tonymerevick.



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