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Olive Garden Now Has Its Own Custom Rosé to Go With Endless Breadsticks

Olive Garden is a divisive chain restaurant. One day it’s a media darling, the next it’s being called the place to go when you “crave suffering.” Something that’s not divisive is rosé, whether it’s canned, in cider, in vodka or just actually, you know, rosé wine. When you bring the divisive and not divisive together, you get something in the middle that might just be an endless-breadstick-esque Olive Garden perk that’ll make you appreciate the chain a little more: an exclusive Olive Garden rosé.

Starting May 29, Olive Garden goers will be able to drink a custom wine called Head to Head Rosé, according to a press release obtained by Elite Daily. Glasses will sell for $6.50 and bottles for $23, making it cheap enough that you can buy endless rounds to satisfy the thirst you get after your fourth bowl of bottomless minestrone soup.

The wine is made by Giulia and Andrea Zingarelli in Tuscany (the very same Tuscany where Olive Garden has a culinary institute) with Sangiovese grapes from Sicily. Need a touch up on Italian regions? If Italy is a boot, Sicily is the island that makes up the toe. The weather is pretty much always pleasant in Sicily, making for crowd-pleasing, not too tart and not too sweet wine grapes.

“Rosé is trending right now,” Robyn Albert, Olive Garden’s director of beverage strategy, said according to Elite Daily. “We wanted to launch our new wine in summer because rosés are refreshing in hot weather. And bring in Giulia, a female millennial herself, made for a perfect partnership to develop the new wine.”

This isn’t exactly anything new for the Zingarellis. They’ve been making Olive Garden’s house wine since 1995. A custom rosé isn’t even something new for Olive Garden—this will be the chain’s second Italian rosé, joining Porta Vita Rosato, which also sells for $6.50 a glass. But if there’s only one thing we’ve learned about wine over the past couple years, it’s that there can never be enough rosé.