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Oreo Beer Exists, Because of Course It Does

It seems that every day there’s a new Oreo flavor on the market, but until now, no option catered to the beer nerds among us. Tired of waiting around for Nabisco to fill their cookies with IPA-flavored cream, The Veil Brewing Company in Richmond, Virginia, took matters into their own hands and created the world’s first Oreo-flavored beer.

The brewery started with their Hornswoggler chocolate milk stout, then conditioned the already chocolatey beer with hundreds of pounds of crushed Oreos. The announcement on the brewery’s Instagram was met with exactly as much excitement as you would expect, and caused a run on the available four-packs, which sold out in a single day. Don’t worry; you can still get your mouth on this special brew at the brewery’s taproom in Virginia, where they have “a decent amount of it” still on draft (you’ll just have to beat us there before we drink it all).

While there’s no beating the classic combo of Oreos and milk, you’ll definitely find the Supercall team dipping every flavor of Oreo into the cookie-infused stout. The only thing left is for Nabisco to release whiskey-flavored Oreos so we can achieve our dunkable Boilermaker dreams.