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The $100,000 Home Bar (Bar Not Included)

We hope you’re sitting down. Because you just missed your chance to drop $100,000 on your home bar. (We’ll give you a minute to pick yourself up off the fainting couch.) Yesterday, a plethora of authentic mid-century modern bar equipment―including bar caddies, bar stools, ashtrays and crystal glassware―was auctioned off by The Four Seasons, which closed its Seagram Building location in New York City on July 16. Let the drooling commence.

Items sold off included designs by famous architects including Ludwig Mies Van der Rohe, Philip Johnson and Eero Saarinen, many created exclusively for the Four Seasons. Here at Supercall we had our eyes on a stainless steel and teak bar cart made in Mexico City for the restaurant’s infamous Pool Room. Unfortunately, our generous $100 bid was big-timed by some showoff with $4,500 to burn. We also wouldn’t have said no to the Garth and Ada Louise Huxtable bottle cooler with gold stand, which seems perfect for desk-side service at the office. Sadly it was snagged in the last seconds of the auction for $13,000. Damn those bid-snipers.

At $5,000 apiece, the Saarinen brass teardrop bar stools with conditioned leather cushions were screaming “corporate card” at us rather loudly. We’re still not sure why our accounts payable team wrestled us to the ground before we could bid. We can’t be expected to write about cocktails without a decent place to sit.

For those mourning the loss of the legendary eatery, don’t fret. The restaurant is set to open in a new location at 280 Park Avenue next year in a space designed by Brazilian architect Isay Weinfeld. We recommend putting some money aside now for the next time they get the urge to remodel.