Sir Patrick Stewart Takes Part in Gross Out Victory Celebration

Sir Patrick Stewart never shies away from a challenge, from his classy take on the Ice Bucket Challenge to playing the Newlywed Game with BFF Sir Ian McKellen. Now, the renowned actor has proven his valor once again by taking part in a gross victory celebration known as the “shoey” with Australian Formula One star Daniel Ricciardo.

The “shoey” is a popular celebration ritual in Australia, in which the drinker removes their shoe or chooses a friend’s shoe, then fills that shoe with beer and drinks it. Ricciardo takes it a step further by filling his boot with Champagne whenever he places in the top three.

To celebrate his third place finish at the Canadian Formula One Grand Prix last weekend, Ricciardo enlisted Stewart—who was onstage to interview the top three racers—to help him with the shoey.

Ricciardo first drank Moët & Chandon, the official sponsor of Formula One, out of his sweaty boot while Stewart looked on exclaiming, “Oh my. I know what’s coming...I’d love some, yeah. Come on!” Stewart then put the boot to his lips and enthusiastically drained the Champagne before saying, “Bravo! Good vintage!”

Race winner Lewis Hamilton was particularly impressed with Stewart’s eagerness, saying, “You see how sweaty [Ricciardo’s] feet are? There’s a lot of toe-jam in that shoe.”

“I don’t care, I don’t care!” Stewart responded. “I made the podium for the first time. I will drink out of anybody’s shoes!”

Ricciardo once said of his bizarre ritual, “If the sparkling wine is cold, then it tastes good. If it’s warm, then you might get the sweat through it, but the cold taste kills the bad it’s delicious.” We hope the folks at Moët & Chandon properly chilled their Champagne before serving it to the British knight.