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Penthouse Makes a Whiskey-Tequila Liquor

Facing a world that’s increasingly disinterested in print magazines, porn publisher Penthouse is turning to spirits. And among the predictable vodka, whiskey and on-brand “Libido Libations,” there’s a “Whiskey Tequila Fusion” in the Penthouse Spirits lineup.

The questionable fusion is made in Holland with Mexican tequila and American whiskey, and is described as a balance between “the silky texture of whiskey with the bold finish of tequila.” It’s about as accurately marketed as a liquor made by a porn magazine can be. It has stark black and gold coloring, Mars and Venus gender symbols, a call to “drink sexy” and 34.5 percent ABV (69 proof). The actual mix, though, is a bit more of a curiosity. Even Long Island Iced Teas don’t venture into the pairing of whiskey and tequila.

Getting a taste for yourself could prove difficult. The spirit debuted in the U.S. in 2014, but when we asked for a sample, Tom Cleaver, the founder of Prestige Imports, which distributes Penthouse Spirits, told Supercall in an email that the brand is “only being exported in 2018.” That doesn’t mean some old bottles aren’t floating out there somewhere, though. Hadley Tomicki, a writer for Urban Daddy, was able to find some insight into the taste thanks to a liquor store owner in L.A. The owner said it’s “not bad” and Tomicki suggested that the owner “has to stock the stuff to please a distributor.”

Until Whiskey Tequila Fusion finds its way stateside again, Americans will have to hunt for dusty bottles on liquor store shelves—or simply find other, less porno-mag branded ways to “drink sexy.”

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