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No, the Fisher-Price Happy Hour Playset Isn’t Real

In “we can’t believe we have to actually clarify this” news, the controversial, viral image of the Fisher-Price Happy Hour Playset is not, in fact, real.

A very realistic looking, but definitely photoshopped image of a bar-themed Fisher-Price toy set circulated around the internet, garnering angry responses from those who did not realize the image was meant to be a joke by an unknown meme-creator.

The playset features a pretend plastic bar with a faux neon sign, bar stools and toddlers holding fake beer bottles. It even includes a surly, bow-tied baby bartender who doesn’t have time for your nonsense orders. The photo is actually pretty hilarious, but according to Snopes, many did not agree, chastising Fisher-Price for “going too far” and poisoning the minds of impressionable children.

Outraged Facebook users took to Fisher-Price’s wall to express their ire, forcing the toy company to make a statement that the product was not endorsed, produced or approved by them. Sigh.

While the creator of the photo remains anonymous, we’re hoping people will one day be able ascertain the difference between the real deal, fake news and a joke.