PicoStill Is the Keurig for Moonshine

If you’ve been wondering what to do with that kitchen counter space beside your coffee maker, look no further. PicoBrew, the company behind the Keurig-esque beer brewing appliance, recently released PicoStill, a tabletop distilling device.

Before you get too excited, remember that it’s technically illegal to distill your own liquor without a license, no matter how big a fan of Moonshiners you are. That doesn’t mean you can’t own a still so long as you use it for, uh, essential oils. Hypothetically speaking, you could make some clean tasting liquor with the PicoStill.

PicoStill comes with a copper distilling column and a glass infusion chamber to flavor whatever you’re distilling. Precise temperature control ensures you don’t let things get too hot, and a vacuum sucks up the highly flammable alcohol vapors that can make distilling so dangerous. It also automatically splits the drinkable alcohol from methanol, which can cause blindness.

“By developing technology that automatically separates the methanol from the heads, we have significantly reduced the dangers inherent in distilling spirits,” Bill Mitchell, the CEO of PicoBrew, said in press release. “The PicoStill provides commercial distillers a versatile, safe and easy to use small batch distilling solution.”

PicoStill retails for $349. That said, it’s probably best to wait until the laws shift a bit before investing in your own countertop still. Until then, find yourself some already made moonshine and perfect your moonshine cocktails.