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This Pink Gin Comes in a Box

If boxed wine is your jam but you wish it contained a little extra kick, pink gin in a box is here for you. Pinkster, a pink, raspberry infused gin, recently debuted with a format that can only be described as the ultimate party starter: boxed gin.

While gin on tap from a bright pink box is certainly a conversation starter, the inspiration behind the packaging is the environment. Stephen Marsh, the managing director at Pinkster, told The Spirits Business that “Pinkster on Tap is all about convenience and sustainability delivered in an eye-catching, stylish format.”

In a story on boxed wine, Scientific American notes that glass bottle production generates chemicals and greenhouse gases. And shipping heavy bottles creates a large carbon footprint that much lighter boxes don’t have. If that’s not reason enough to try Pinkster, just recall that it’s artisanal pink gin.


“It’s time for bag-in-boxes to shed their rather negative and passé perceptions, and we’re proud as a premium brand to be leading the way on this,” Marsh told The Spirits Business.

It’s not the only spirit to go the way of the box. Fireball made a cinnamon-fueled splash into the boxed liquor category in 2016 with its 1.75 liter box. It’s not even the only pink spirit out there with products like Hangar 1’s rosé vodka and a slew of other pink gins. Pinkster is the only company combining those two traits, though.

Unlike boxed wine, bag in a box pink gin doesn’t come with a huge cost savings (about $190 a box) and it’s not readily available in the U.S. But again, it’s pink gin in a box. The only thing that should stop you from stockpiling it in your basement is getting a flight to England.