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New Pocky Flavor Pairs Perfectly With Japanese Whisky

Internationally acclaimed Japanese cookie-candy, Pocky, comes in a staggering range of flavors—from the classic chocolate to azuki bean to “Brazilian pudding”—and now there’s an option specifically designed for booze enthusiasts: Adult Amber. Coated with bitter chocolate, the biscuit stick candy is meant to be paired with Japanese whisky, making it the perfect bar snack to accompany a dram the next time you visit a Ginza district speakeasy.

According to Rocket News 24, candy maker Glico made Adult Amber richer and more bitter than other Pocky varieties to help the biscuits stand up to smoky whisky, and the biscuit dough contains malt extract to further compliment the spirit.

Six packs of Adult Amber go on sale on Amazon Japan on October 25 for 998 yen ($10), but if you’re interested in grabbing a box before Halloween, you’ll have to recruit a friend across the Pacific because this candy grail is only available in Japan. You’ll also have to act quick; the last time Glico offered the special flavor back in November, it sold out in record time. Expect the available 300,000 boxes to go fast.

First a push for tax-free liquor for tourists and now cookie-candy to enjoy with our whisky? We know where we’re booking our next vacation.